In Travel on April 10, 2011 at 12:20 pm

In a little while, Scott is leaving for Peoria for 80 hours. It’s a business trip. After my last business trip, I realized that I don’t like travelling alone. But neither do I like being left home by somebody else. I guess I want to have my family travel with me on all future business trips and I would like to be brought along on all of Scott’s future business trips. Also, I’d like all of our future business trips to be in places that are warm, have a beach, and feature an all-inclusive resort. Why do people send their employees to the cold and rugged out-lying wastelands of Chicago? Sometimes Scott goes to Las Vegas for business. That’s what I’m talking about.  In Scott’s line of work, business trips are really like school field trips. He goes places to learn and schmooze and see. Those activities always work better when paired up with an exotic location. *It’s been proven by scientists. Actually, what would make MORE sense would be to live at the exotic field trip location and, on business trips, visit the actual place of employment.

Sometimes I fantasize about moving to an exotic island. Not the Galapagos, because we all know that didn’t turn out well for the last people who tried. I’m thinking more along the lines of someplace off the coast of Cancun so I’m close enough to America to get a heart transplant or something if I need it,** but far enough away to feel like I’m Alex from the Black Stallion.

Here’s what I would bring:

  1. My family
  2. A library. I would say an iPad, but if I had my own library there I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing the books back on time. Plus, if I got starved for companionship I could talk to the librarian. I’ll bring my iPad anyway because it’s my favorite thing.
  3. A solar outlet for my iPad. Once a month I can go to the mainland for supplies and WiFi updates.
  4. Some ativan for when I get carried away
  5. Some chickens
  6. Blankets because it gets cold on the beach at night even with a big bonfire
  7. Notebooks and pens
  8. A toothbrush
  9. A huge jar of Ponds cold cream

     10.  Sunscreen

     11.  Lip balm

     12.  Fishing poles

     13.  That big bag of matches we have on the fridge leftover from when Olivia made her valentines out of empty matchbooks

     14.  Some cards and a couple of board games

     15.  Smencils and a sharp knife for sharpening and other things

     16.  Various seeds for vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers

     17.  A water purification kit

     18.  Courage

     19.  Fearlessness

     20.  A pillow

     21.  Some gum

     22.  A frying pan, spatula and some pepper.

     23.  A bar with live music every night and excellent pina coladas and fire dancers.


**Yeah, I know where it is, Paul.

  1. Key West is my dream escape. I even have a couple of people who are on board (or so they say). I like your list, especially the library. I’d request excellent margaritas in addition to pina coladas (although I know tequila isn’t your thing!). I’d also bring my cat and toothpaste to go with your toothbrush. 😉

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